Wednesday, July 27, 2011

day 13

AM juice was mango, carrot Apple. Feeling queazy and depressed and a little out of sorts. Been trying to get back on track since Sat. Tomorrow AM I do my dry run. Nervous, about to do yoga hope this will calm the nerves and settle my mind and tummy. Hope today will be a good day. Saw Paul and Holly Mon. Kinda messed me up all day Tues. Have to go to bed early tonight to get up tomorrow early.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

night 11

All I want to do is eat, that's all I can think about!! But I want to lose weight too, and I can't do both, I've got to get myself under control. This is a long journey with so much weight to lose. I feel like I've lost some hope, I need it back. To morrow I go to the gym, I need to do some form of exercise every day. I've got to do this, I can't stand being this fat cow anymore!! Give me strength!!

day 11

Well I'm doing fine, had beets and greens and tomatoes twice today. Now I'm drinking watermelon and pineapple. Four juices so four juices today. Feeling good, tummy a little out of sorts due to the break I took. Need some more produce.

back on track

Took a break from my fast. Now I'm back on again. Drinking my hot lemon water. Nan was off and I caved, but I'm back on track again. This isn't easy, and Fri I felt like I was going to blow up. I made it 9 whole days, so let's see how far I can go now.

Friday, July 22, 2011

9th day

Lemon water, watermelon juice, then beet, carrot, cucumber juice. Feel tired and sluggish. Extremely tired last night could not watch movie with Nan last night, went to bed with Jessie. Hope I get some energy soon this sucks. Dreamt about food again last night, chocolate chip cookies and doritoes.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

berry juice

204.5 after Anthonys class!! Took a hot bath and now I'm drinking blueberries, strawberry Apple juice. Going to put Mim to bed. Ahhhh peace and quiet. Tomorrow Nan is off. Running out of my nasty junk, he said no more and I have no money so guess I'm gonna have to go through the detox. Ugh. Not looking forward to that, but it needs to be done. Don't want to walk around with half a face or no jaw.

One thing I've noticed these last few days is the smell of food on people is overly strong and offensive. Like when I made Nan French onion soup and he drank red wine with it. Ugh it reaked all the way till the next day, the whole upstairs smelled awful from his breath!! I smelled it on Mim on the way to the store today, and someone at the gym. I can't stand it!! It makes me want to get sick!!

chocolate cravings

Uh oh, woke up from nap craving chocolate, now I'm hungry too. Time to juice, can you say spinach, kale, tomato and carrots and cucumber. Gotta go before I cave. More later.